What is included?

Unless the description says otherwise, shared accommodation in standard rooms together with dinner bed and breakfast (from the hotel’s Table d’hôte menu) for each night of your stay. We provide a packed lunch on our walking holidays.

Services of our guides.

Entry and guide fees at the places of interest highlighted.

Cost of transport provided by us during the course of the holiday.

What is not included?

Transport to and from the start of the holiday.

Car parking charges where levied by hotels – usually only city hotels.

Food and drink other than described above.

Travel and cancellation insurances.

Single room supplements.


What about group sizes?

One of the advantages of a Brackenbury’s Britain holiday is not being part of a large group. Because of the nature of our business, we are willing and able to operate with very small numbers. We guarantee that we will never operate with more than twelve people but please do tell us, when booking, if social interaction in a larger group (within that limit) is important to you. .

However, some holidays do need a minimum group of people to make them effective. Where that is the case, we clearly indicate that in the holiday description.

Is the walking suitable for me?

We want all our guests to have an enjoyable holiday and so try to give an objective assessment of our walks in our itineraries. We understand that you will not want to feel as though you are holding others back but equally will not want to walk at a pace that is unreasonably slow for you.

The first guide should be our own categorisation system but some element of subjectivity is always necessary. So, please speak to us if you have any particular concerns or questions as we have personally walked all of our routes.

We reserve the right to decline to take clients on walks if we feel that they are not suitably equipped or otherwise capable of doing so without harm or inconvenience to themselves or others.

For further details, please refer to Our Walks.

Do I have to walk?

Of course not. It’s your holiday!

Our accommodation is nearly all in superior hotels with all the facilities you would expect. So if you prefer to relax in the hotel, read or go for a shorter amble in the area, that’s fine by us. All  that said, some of our most enjoyable days have been spent walking in rough weather returning to a warm shower and a good meal. The experience is quite invigorating!

However, we will not be able to refund any element of unused transport facilities, entrance fees etc.

Please also see the section headed “What about the less able?” below.

What do I need to bring?

For non-walking holidays, casual comfortable clothing and footwear for daytime (even the purely cultural tours need the ability to walk reasonable distances unaided) and for the evenings, smart casual clothing. In the unlikely event that any particular venue has specific dress code, we will say so in the holiday description.

The changeability of the British climate is legendary, so shower/rain proof clothing appropriate to the amount of time you are likely to be out of doors is a good idea.

For walking holidays, in addition to the above, a properly waterproof coat and over trousers and boots with ankle support and good grips are very important. We recommend taking a small comfortable rucksack capable of holding waterproofs, a packed lunch and drink bottles. Particularly in the warmer months, plenty of liquid, a hat and sunscreen are very important too. Don’t forget your walking poles if you use them – particularly for the more demanding walks. And after year round walking in every type of weather, we are now firm supporters of waterproof gaiters!

Of course, you should also bring your own medications, insect repellents etc as we are not able to provide any medicines whatsoever (including ordinary painkillers).

Are these holidays suitable for children?

By their very nature, none of our holidays are likely to appeal to children under the age of around 15 years. We do not provide any specific facilities for younger children in terms of day time activities but, as always, please call to discuss if you think your teenager might be interested. We have wide experience of the age group in other contexts!

What about the less able?

Again, by their nature, the walking holidays are unsuitable for those with mobility problems and even the cultural breaks need a basic level of fitness as many historic buildings are not easy to access with steps and uneven floors.

However, we appreciate that there are times when one partner may want to walk and other be unable to do so. Some of the hotels we use are able to accommodate immobile guests in specially adapted ground floor accommodation so please ask for further details if of relevance to you.

Can I bring my dog?

Regrettably, no. Most of our hotels decline to take dogs. In addition, our walks  cross fields and moorland which often contain cattle and sheep.

Transport to the base hotel

Your holiday starts with us at your hotel and of course many of our guests will travel by car. For those who wish to travel by public transport we can recommend routes and give general advice.